Meex.Me! provides a free message exchange service including guaranteed answers from other people.
Using our service is quite easy and quick. There are just three little things to do, which will connect you to people all over the world in less than a minute.

1) Choose your gender and enter your email address
Please specify your gender by choosing either the “male” or “female” ratio button.
Enter your email address using bottom adjacent description field. It will be applied for
exchanging messages via!

2) Write a message to a random picked person
Choose the gender you prefer sending a message to. Select either the “male” or “female” checkbox or if you don’t care select both of them.

Then create a message, which will be sent to a random picked person by!`s routine. Because we are an international platform, use the English langue, please!

3) Enter the Captcha-Code
To avoid junk mail enter the Captcha-Code and be ensured getting messages only from real persons, who are interested making friends, like you.

Finally, you will get an email to verify your data. Please confirm by clicking the received link and you finished. Now relax and wait for any post!

Your message will be sent to a random picked person, who is joining our service. Moreover, you will get surely mail from a different Meex.Me! customer! That way you generate at least two contacts by having sent just one message. Because!`s routine is repeating, you will get even more contacts actually depending on our user’s appearance. The period you will receive mails spreads from hours to some days.

Please notice some rules:

Being respectfully, creatively and friendly brings fun to everybody and raises the chance of having contact for a long time and making really good friends.

Sexual, racism, illegal or in any way discriminatory contents are not tolerated, as well as advertising, marketing and spamming or recording more than one email address.

It is an automatic ban for all breaking this rules and there is no second chance. Moreover, there will be an announcement to the police with forced prosecution by our lawyers without exception!